We only list publishers that are known and trusted in the industry. Because they are trusted, however, doesn’t mean we do or do not recommend them. What we DO recommend is that if/when you get an offer of publication, contact authors who are open to discussing and are with that publisher to ask about their experience with them. Approach respectfully and understand that not all authors can discuss, or may wish to discuss. The publishers listed are open in some form or another to unsolicited work. And be sure to check the Writer Beware Predators & Editors list, but understand that it is NOT all inclusive! When in doubt, ask your writing community about the publisher (the #WritersRoad chat on Twitter is a great community to ask).

Know of a trusted publisher that is open to unsolicited submissions at least on occassion that isn’t listed? Contact us and let us know and we will be happy to add them to the list.